The Noel and Retha Kimbrough Endowment and the Perry and Elaine Wells Endowment were given to Ascension Church to provide ongoing support to Ascension Church and the Lutheran Foundation of Texas.  Annual proceeds from the endowments are to be used for the purpose of Christian education, mission and ministry work in the congregation and support of the church at large.

These monies will be available for current use by our congregation for the purpose of Christian Education, Mission and Ministry work in the congregation or for the support of the work of the church- at-large but shall not be used for normal congregational budgetary expenditures. 


The Ascension Church Board of Directors has earmarked the annual proceeds from these endowments to be used for 1) church growth and development and 2) educational support for Ascension Church members attending a seminary, college, a technical school providing career-based training or trade school.  Seventy-five percent of available funds each year will be used for scholarships.  The balance will remain available for church growth programs.


Scholarship applications must be submitted to the Board of Directors by January 31 of each year.  Failure to apply to the board by January 31 of each year may result in funds not being available.


To qualify, applicants will submit a letter to the Board of Directors containing the following:

  • Membership in Ascension Church

  • Evidence of impending high school graduation or achievement of a GED

  • Current grade point average

  • Name of school to be attended and evidence of acceptance at that school

  • Statement regarding intended use of the monies if awarded

  • Statement regarding need for financial assistance

  • For current college or technical/trade school students, applicants need to provide the name of the school currently being attended and current GPA (or equivalent) along with intended use of monies awarded

  • Recipients of scholarships must maintain a 2.0 or better GPA (or equivalent).  Students who fail to maintain a 2.0 GPA (or equivalent) will not be eligible for additional financial support.


Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and applicants will be notified of scholarship approval following the February Board of Directors meeting each year.   Actual distribution of funds will be made as needed by the applicants and as available from Ascension Church.


Applicants can apply each January for continued support as long as he/she is a full-time student taking 12 semester hours (or equivalent) each semester.


Scholarships will be awarded once each year only when funds are available from proceeds of the above endowment accounts.            

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